Why Hire a Minibus with a Driver?

Whether you’re organising a group trip, planning a family holiday or attending a team sporting event in or around Sydney, you’re most likely considering the range of transportation options to help the group to get around easily and for an affordable price.

With the usual options including confusing public transport networks that can be unreliable and difficult to navigate with a large group and lots of luggage, or taxis which often prove to be very pricey and require you to split up into smaller groups, you’ve probably arrived at the conclusion that hiring a minibus is the way to go.

But how do you know if you should opt for a self-drive or charter service? If you can’t decide which option will be best for you, here are just some of the benefits when you opt for a charter service with Sydney Minibus Hire.

We’ll do all the driving

The key benefit to choosing a charter service is that you won’t need to do any of the driving yourself.

While our minibuses are relatively easy to drive and are all late-model vehicles equipped with the latest mod-cons like automatic transmission, power steering and reversing cameras (in some models), if you’re hesitant about navigating around unfamiliar roads or would simply rather to sit back and enjoy the ride, a charter service could be a great option for you.

There’s also no need to hold a special driver licence. While our 8 seater and 12 seater mini buses can be driven on a standard car driver license, if you want to hire one of our 21 seater buses, you’ll need to hold a valid Light Rigid (LR) Driver License or equivalent to be able to opt for the self-drive service option.

Additionally, if it’s likely the group will be consuming alcohol, our charter service will remove the need for a designated driver, allowing every member of the group to relax and enjoy the trip.

You can customise your journey

The beauty of a charter service is how easy it is to customise your journey to suit your unique needs and requirements.

Whether you’re planning a multi-day trip, need to make multiple stops, or have different pick-up and drop of locations, the service can be entirely customised to suit your itinerary. They can even arrange to airport pick-ups and drop-offs so the group won’t have to worry about logistics for the entire duration of the trip.

We’ll research your journey in advance to ensure you can get where you need to go, ensuring you won’t find yourself lost or struggling to reach your destination in time. All we need to know is your pick-up location, destination/s, the number of passengers you have and any other specific requirements and we’ll take care of the rest.

If you think your requirements are too complex for us to manage, think again. No request is too hard for us to accommodate, so simply let us know what you need and we’ll provide a transport solution to suit.

We’ll take care of everything

A charter service also removes all the stress and hassle that usually goes hand in hand with group travel.

With our charter service, we’ll provide a professional uniformed driver who is fully licensed and authorised to carry passengers for the duration of your booking so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

If you will be travelling with children, we can provide Australian standards approved baby or booster seats to ensure they can travel in safety and comfort, or if you’ll have excess luggage with you, we’ll ensure the vehicle is equipped with a luggage trailer so you can easily transport everyone and their things around with ease.

Ultimately, a charter service will ensure that every detail is considered and every requirement is catered for so that every member of the group can enjoy a stress-free journey.